mutual fund software

We are the Best Company for Mutual Fund Software for Distributors!!!

We are client centered Fin-Tech Company dedicated to provide complete solutions through our advance Mutual Fund Software for Distributors including multiple features like Video KYC, White Labeling, Portfolio Rebalancing, Wealth Report, Multiple Assets Management and much more.

Mutual Fund Software
A Complete Solution For MFDs Business

Mutual Fund Software is an advance and efficient wealth management platform for the Mutual Fund Distributors which has features like Online ATM, White Labeled Solution, Management of multiple assets including PMS & Alternative Investment, Funds Analysis & Portfolio Re-Balancing, Transact Online, Video KYC, & more.

Mutual fund software is Fully Automatic platform for IFA, RIA and Mutual Fund Distributors (MFD) to run mutual fund advisory or distribution business in India.

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